Are You Making the Most of Your Multifunction Printer?

Multi functional Printers

Most Perth businesses are now using a multifunctional printers, but are they getting the maximum results from them?

Covid has forced us all to look for productivity gains i.e. doing more with less!

Let us start with a “Print Management System”

What is that really? Well, it can be many things and its form will depend on the client’s needs.

• Print Management Software

Using the software, you can drastically reduce the cost of office printing by forcing prints to be produced double-sided saving paper and by forcing expensive but unnecessary colour prints to mono. The cheapest print is the one you never make and as this system only prints the pages that you actually collect from the printer, the software eliminated any uncollected pages!

• Managed Print Services

Manage your office printers regardless of where-ever you bought them in Perth the way you manage your copiers on a simple all up cost per page!

Toner, drums, fusers, parts, fast on-site service, in fact, everything you need to run your office printers all available through our monitored system and supplied from our Perth warehouse before you run out.

No more expensive urgent couriers’ fees, no more poor copy quality & access to a skilled Technician who will be on-site quickly to sort out any problems.

Why not embrace Print Management and Managed Print Services as you really can have the best of both worlds and save money while enjoying a sustainable print system! Both of these methodologies are available for the office photocopier/ printers to make Perth Businesses much leaner & more eficient.

• Go “Paperless”

Why not eliminate the paper altogether?
Paper isn’t very smart, in fact, it is pretty dumb, you have to retype any information written on it into any other system.

If it rains it disintegrates and if it is stored or filed, it’s a dead document so finding it can be a challenge and of course should there be a flood or fire it will be gone forever.

A Paperless system has all your current forms “digitised” so any information recorded is available to be extracted for billing or recording in other systems.

Print Management has complete transparency of the process and can spot any bottlenecks in real-time.

Managed Print Services solutions are available in many forms and can be tailored to the needs of the business. Being a complete print solution, it helps in reducing print costs, enhances business effectiveness and allows the IT staff to focus on other works thereby helping the IT department at reducing unnecessary workload and increasing efficiency.

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