Artificial Intelligence (AI) coming soon to an Office Printer near you!

One of the Holy Grails of document scanning & automated recognition has been to read and translate handwriting.

We all have different handwritingits about as individual as our DNA so the ability to read and extract data from the forms we fill in manually has been almost impossible due to the variances unless you are willing to invest in the most expensive systems and not many SME’s can afford that.

We have partnered with a local Perth Company to offer this to Perth small businesses to reduce manual re-entering of information from these forms and documents

Now you can simply scan on your multi-functional office printer or drag and drop to a folder and the information is extracted and presented for you to check.

Now it can be forwarded to where-ever you store your documents as a “searchable” pdf so no more lost documents as a simple word search can find the documents you need.

Its affordable and easy to use so lets not waste anymore time retyping from one form to your systems.

Don’t forget the same system can process your Account Payable Invoices , Remittances and Delivery Dockets too!

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