Give Your Business an Edge, plus Improved Productivity with Document Management

Are your paper-based processes holding your business back? Many companies never stop to ask this question or analyze how antiquated workflows can lead to bottlenecks and unnecessary expenses. But ignoring your paper pile-up will end up costing you—time, money, and your competitive edge.

Companies that cling to paper-based filing systems lack efficiency and productivity in their workflow processes. The average employee spends 30 to 40 percent of their time searching for documents or looking through information. But, upgrading to a digital document management solution streamlines business processes and the flow of information, maximizing productivity, cost savings, and security.

By making the switch to digital document management, you’ll not only improve organizational workflows, but you’ll also gain an advantage over your competition. Here’s how:

Improved efficiency and productivity – With document management, digital documents are all indexed and archived, making it fast and easy for your employees to access the information they need. Instead of wasting time searching for lost or misfiled documents, imagine the productivity gains you’ll realize when everyone has what they need, when they need it. Your team can spend less time searching for information and more time delivering exceptional customer service.

Enhanced compliance standards – A document management system gives you the power to control access to sensitive documents and enforce security measures by setting rules to determine who can view, edit, or print documents. Additional safeguards help ensure compliance with industry and governmental regulations by automating financial records management and retention processes, ensuring that your company is prepared in the event of an audit.

Improved long-term security – Did you know that seven out of ten businesses would fail within three weeks if their paper documents were destroyed in a natural disaster? Don’t gamble away the future of your business by failing to protect your documents and business records. Document management systems ensure that your documents are always backed up and stored off-site, so you never have to worry about losing your data or your business.

More and more forward-thinking companies are turning to digital document management as a way to gain an edge in the global marketplace. Contact us today to learn how you can do the same.

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