How is your business coping with the disruptions we have encountered over the last couple of years?

If these facts are accurate, we need to talk!

Here are 10 interesting facts gleaned from the internet:

  1. On average it takes approximately 10 minutes to retrieve and refile a paper document.
  2. Half of an office worker’s day is spent handling paper or data-entry.
  3. A survey has shown that 60% of organizations struggle to get the right information to the right person at the right time.
  4. 85% of Australian Professionals say they would be more productive if software tools were configured to the way they work.
  5. 88% said they wished they could spend less time organising information and more time working with it.
  6. In Australia 15% of floor space is taken up with filing cabinets.
  7. A Clever Scanning and Filing Solution can reduce copying & Filing activities in an HR department by 25%.
  8. Customer Service levels can be increased by 32% if relevant staff have better access to the correct documentation.
  9. About 50% of documents are still in paper form making them vulnerable to theft, malicious damage, fire, which makes them unsearchable and therefore hard to find.
  • . 80% of workers spend an average of 30 minutes per day searching for documents and 60% spend an hour duplicating the work of others.

Isn’t it time we catch up and see how to make your current printer much smarter or discuss our “Paperless Systems” and  tailored one for YOU?


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