How mobile printing can set your business free!

Work is no longer a destination; it’s an activity and your team members are likely to expect to be able to work from anywhere.

In an increasingly mobile era, this often means team members expect to be able to print directly from their mobile device. They don’t want to have to load documents onto a desktop or even a laptop that’s connected to the corporate network to print them out. They don’t have time for that. They just want to touch a button on their mobile device then watch their printouts appear.

Small businesses can put that power right in the palm of your employees’ hands with seamless mobile printing solutions.

Regardless of what kind of document needs to be printed, whether it’s approval forms, photos, marketing materials, order forms, and more, printing from mobile devices delivers time savings and efficiency gains.

As long as your team members are in wireless network range, they can print anything from their mobile device.

And, if team members are on their way to a meeting in another part of the building, they can send their documents to print at the device that’s closest to their meeting location, saving even more time.

Konica Minolta’s mobile printing solutions support all iOS and Android devices, and deliver full control over aspects such as colour versus black and white printing, double-sided versus single-sided, and more.

How it Works
The Konica Minolta Mobile Print App connects mobile devices to your compatible Konica Minolta MFD. You can use it to print and scan documents from anywhere including popular cloud applications.

Security is assured with built-in authentication and security controls.

The app lets you share scanned documents directly to colleagues’ mobile devices as long as they have the app installed. And you can save the data in the cloud to share with others.

The Konica Minolta Mobile Print app can set your team members free, unleashing their potential and unharnessing them from their desks. Call Chris, Michael or Roy today to discuss your best printer options and enable your team to work smarter.

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