How secure is your client’s personal identifying information(PII)?

A friend asked me how much Personal Identifiable Information (PII) we stored & I said I don’t know.

When his systems scanned our files I was horrified to find out its well over 2,000 records.

Imagine if we were hacked!

Every Australian business is only ever one mouse click away from a cyber disaster, With our new system you can relax knowing any PII stored on your system is safe

Whether its tax file numbers, credit card or bank details, passports, driver’s licenses, ID cards you certainly don’t need the cost and stain on your reputation when admitting that these have been compromised.

We all need to collect and hold these at some point but can you guarantee they are safely stored out of the reach of bad actors? The more you hold the more you risk! Just because it shouldn’t be stored doesn’t mean it isn’t.

Our system will effortlessly locate, classify and redact or quarantine personal information from your documents for compliance and peace of mind.

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