How To Choose the Best Multifunction Printer For Hybrid Workplace?

Once your organization has adopted new hybrid technology, the next task is installing suitable devices for your employees to work conveniently from any location. The key to enabling remote collaboration and productivity is the multifunction printers. The dilemma is which is the best Multifunction Printer to pick from the list of multiple brands and models, with different capabilities and features as the market offers in Perth.

When you have decided to obtain a multifunction printer for your hybrid workplace establishment in Perth, it is a significant investment, so choose wisely!

Here are some tips on choosing the best multifunction printer, so all your business-specific needs and preferences are met for your hybrid work environment, integrating well with all your current systems, thus saving time and money.

1. All The Business Printing Needs
Assess your business printing needs through these questions –
• Is your company printing black and white and colour documents?
• What are your print requirements per day?
• What print quality is needed?
• How much scanning is required & where are those scans filed?
• How many workspaces is your hybrid work environment make up?
• How many employees do you have? What connectivity requirements do you have?
With a vivid picture of your printing needs, it’s easier to determine your business’s multifunction printer and functionalities.’

2. Total Cost of Ownership
Another considering factor in choosing a multifunction printer is the total cost of ownership that consists of the purchase price and the associated long-term expenses for the printer, like consumables, maintenance, and repair costs. In a hybrid workplace, the total cost of ownership is essential where more multifunction-printing devices are operating, and it drives up costs potentially. Hence, we must choose more cost-effective printers.

3. Sustainability
Your chosen multifunction printer should be eco-friendly. So, choose the brand supporting carbon footprint reduction in manufacturing, distribution, maintenance, and disposal or recycling of the Multifunction printers. Since speed and quality matter, even energy efficiency holds equal importance to remote employees. Energy-efficient devices are environmentally friendly, even reduce the overall printing costs.

4. Services and Reliability
Is the manufacturer providing written service and support standards for its multifunction printers? Do their service standards include regular maintenance costs, consumable usage, availability, and software upgrades? Is the warranty back to base where you return it to the manufacturer to fix, or is there an on-site service where a Technician visits you for any repairs or service?
Managed Print Services work better based on most business needs, thus ensuring cost-efficient, well-maintained, durable multifunction printers with fewer breakdowns or software problems.

5. Easy Usage and Integration
A decentralised workforce in the hybrid working environment needs simplicity & reliability, so choosing a user-friendly multifunction printer is a must for reducing reliance on IT support.
Should company requirements be considered in printer connectivity like memory cards, USB, network integration, Bluetooth, AirPrint, and Wifi?

The new workers and IT team can onboard and manage numerous devices with significant ease by setting remote monitoring.
Document security policies of your company are equally important in all of these connectivity matters. In this regard, choose the multifunction printers having printer security features like password protection, data encryption, and network authentication.

Although these are the five chief points to keep in mind when choosing the right multifunction printer for equipping the employees in a hybrid workspace, it is better to start with recognizing all the printing habits, hybrid workspace setup, and needs of your company. Each business is unique, so your organization’s needs have to be clearly identified to choose the best multifunction printer for you. As you can see, the cheapest may not be the best for your needs!

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