How To Keep the Data Protected on Your Multifunction Printer?

Think of your multi-function printer like your computer. Your multi-function printer is the storehouse of all data as sent and received through the scanner, copier or printer. Eventually, so we need to give some thought to the protection of all that data.

Here are some tips on how to achieve this

Security Measures for Protecting the Data on Multi function Printers
Wherever the multi function printers are used in Perth or elsewhere, as the owner you must be aware of these important steps to ensure the best security of your data is stored on these devices’ hard drives.

Whenever you multi-function printers are receiving and sending information, then it could be at the risk of being intercepted by hackers. The data can be scrambled and made unreadable using a device with encryption software.

ii.User Authentication
When the multi-function printer does not need a pass  code before the release of the document, then any individual passing by will be able to read the file placed on the tray. With user authentication, restrictions are implied on who are releasing the print jobs.

iii.Password Protection
Document Scanning should have a protocol password protection, a must for the confidential files to avoid accidental transmission.

iv.Monitoring the Prints
To gain insight into the users on what and when they are printing, an audit trail from the multi-function printer should be created and any security conscious organisation should put this in place.

v.Cloud Authentication
Security measures should be in place for scanning documents to any Cloud applications. By creating an automated workflow you can avoid scans going to the wrong place or person.

vi.Data Clearance
If there is no need for archived data, then consider setting up a data-clearing App. Any data that is no longer required should be automatically purged and therefor safe from unauthorised access.

When is the Right Time to upgrade to a New Multi-function Printer?

The older multi-function printers lack most of these security features. The definition of the old could be subjective but if holding on to an old printer causes a data breach then the consequences could be huge! Newer devices are more energy efficient with fewer moving parts and lower running costs the upgrade may save.

If the Technician is making an appearance too often or if there’s a queue at the device of costly staff waiting for prints from a slow machine, then it’s probably time!

Covid has put pressure on Supply Chains and the first things to miss the boat are parts & consumables for older devices which are nearing their end of life so all these factors suggest that there’s never been a better time to review your needs.

The security of documents & data needs consideration, both in the form of hard copy and soft copy, when and where they are stored needs to be carefully considered. Multifunction printers are extremely crucial in all the likely commercial and government organisations, and since everyone in the unit uses them, so they must be used with care but also with full protection.

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