Important – Covid19

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to receive significant media attention as the rising number of confirmed cases increases in Australia and worldwide. As such, it is  an appropriate time to remind our customers what we are doing to keep them and our staff safe.

Wellconnected has implemented a number of precautionary measures to provide employees and our customers with an environment that is safe and secure, while continuing to provide assistance and services within Perth.

In order to respond and to provide a robust process in managing COVID-19, Wellconnected is implementing new procedures based on guidance from expert organisations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

We have provided increased provision of alcohol-based hand gels to our outbound Technicians and Salespeople to be used before and after each encounter.

Our office staff are now seated 6 metres from each other workstations.

Any staff members showing potential symptoms or staff members who have been in contact with anyone from a high risk or overseas hotspots will be advised to work from home.

Furthermore, to reduce movements of our technicians we will require our customers when requesting a service to allow us to contact them via our unique QR code to triage any issue.  This process helps to reduce and eliminate calls that can be remotely fixed and to ensure we have diagnosed potential problems before we visit establishing that we have the required parts or consumables prior to any visit.

We have also recommended and instructed staff members not to shake hands at this time which reduces any risks of infection.

Wellconnected will continue to deliver and monitor COVID-19 information. Valued customers and guests of Wellconnected and our employees’ safety will always be our top priority.

Thank you for cooperation and understanding

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