Improve efficiency – four ways to print smarter

Working smarter, not harder, should be a maxim that applies to every office environment. When it comes to printing, if you don’t have an efficient, intuitive, and organized infrastructure, spending spirals out of control, paper is wasted, and employees spend too much time on print-related tasks. So to reduce costs, control spending, and improve efficiency, here are four ways to print smarter.

Create A Uniform Printer Fleet

Getting the proper printer infrastructure can go a long way to creating a smarter printing environment. In many organizations, the office equipment set-up grows haphazardly. The purchase of printers and copiers isn’t coordinated centrally, which results in multiple systems and devices from several vendors. Each comes with its own service contracts and menu navigations, requiring different toner brands and other consumables. A heterogeneous print environment is costly and wildly inefficient. Therefore, create a uniform printer fleet with printers and copiers from one vendor.

Reduce The Number of Printers

Multifunction printers can perform many tasks, so there’s no need to have numerous devices scattered all over your office. Scaling down the number of printers in your office can save you space and money while reducing your energy bill. 

Invest in Proper Training

If employees don’t understand the full capabilities of a printer, how can they be expected to use it to work smarter? State-of-the-art printers may be packed with features that can unlock greater efficiencies, but they’re only as good as those operating them.

Decrease employee frustration and maximize your printer investment by training your staff. Doing so allows employees to understand and use new capabilities at their disposal to get the most out of their office equipment. As a result, this helps save time, improve productivity, and streamline the print environment.

Implement Follow-Me Printing

There are so many wasteful printing practices that can affect your bottom line. For example, employees send print jobs from their computers but then forget to pick them up from the output tray. According to some surveys, waste from uncollected documents equates to around 30% of all printing. 

Fortunately, you can save money and reduce waste with follow-me printing, a print management solution that allows users to print to a shared queue and release their print job from any device. However, they can only do so once they’ve provided authentication at the printer.

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