Instant online technician support – with our QR Code service!

If you’ve ever experienced an office printer breakdown or technical issue, it can be disruptive and cause immediate productivity issues. Well, all you need to do, is scan a QR code next to your machine to receive live online support. Our professional technicians will get you up and running faster, saving unnecessary downtime.

In a first for this industry, we are using Australian software from teleportivity to give our customers access to a live technician face-to-face, through the mobile phone. We will guide you personally through any issues and how to deal with them, resolving most issues in no time at all!

Or if the system needs an on-site visit then we will have already diagnosed the problem & have it fixed sooner. 

Don’t waste precious time, labour, and money dealing with technical issues with your copier. Our trained technicians will guide you through any issues such as replacing toner, fixing paper jams or error codes.

It’s free for Managed Print, Service Contract & Toner Valet customers.

Checkout our QR Code Service or call us on 9472 3722 for more information.

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