Launching our cloud-based Invoice Automation Software

Invoice Automation in the cloud

WC Accounts Genie software supports your AP function by automating the capture and validation of invoices directly from your office printer, in any format. This automation software means lower costs and shorter processing time by entering full invoice details straight into your business system, supported by a management approval process prior to naming and filing.

The optimal invoice filing system, with effortless handling and performance. Monotonous jobs automated, such as:

•   Entering invoice details into your business system
•   Matching invoices against purchase orders
•   Presenting digitised invoices for management approval
•   Entry of invoices into most accounting systems
•   Naming & filing of documents


Still Processing Invoices & Remittances manually? Save time & money with this automated system

Invoice processing hasn’t improved much since monks used a quill to enter data into bulky ledgers! Sure, we have computers but someone still reads the information & types it into your accounting system. Let’s change that with our new Accounts Genie and get a faster better system with less errors with a lot more transparency around the whole process. 


Streamline invoice processing with workflow automation

Following the same workflow as paper documents, using our invoice automation software. It’s so simple:

•   You scan or drag & drop documents into the system.
•   We extract the data you need, such as reference, date, amount, GST etc
•   Its routed for someone to verify & then to management for authorisation.
•   Then inserted to your accounting system. How easy is that?


Experience low TCO and fast ROI

By Utilising our “pay per page” system there’s no expensive software to buy, with only a small on-boarding fee the ROI is almost instantaneous. As the system is cloud based its available 24/7 from any where in the world (once we are allowed to travel again!) 

An internet search suggests the cost to process a pdf or a hard copy invoice is between $27 to $33 each. The Accounts Genie cost to process works out to less than $1.

Save time on administration tasks, increase your bottom line, increase staff satisfaction and ensure accurate data entry, all by utilising this invoice automation software.

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