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Western Australia’s isolation ends on March 3rd, so our borders are now open. The border opening will allow for safe travel into WA from interstate and overseas with vaccination and testing requirements on arrival.

With daily case numbers around Australia at more than 100,000, there is anxiety that we will experience similar numbers and the same business pressures as those in the eastern states. How can we best manage these pressures in WA.

How to navigate the transition to remote work during the onset of Omicron

Remote working will undoubtedly increase the practice of social distancing during the start of Omicron in WA. This type of business transformation works on multiple levels; it accommodates the requirements of employees, and it provides businesses with a resilient workforce that adapts new ways to engage and helps the larger community by addressing public health needs.

Strengthening a culture of inclusion

The transition to remote working is critical for meaningful change. Ultimately what holds a distributed and virtual workplace together is trust, patience, and the support employees have from the senior management and one another.

Business equipment for the home office

Additionally, the best support tools include collaboration platforms and home office equipment. Such as A4 multifunctional printers and BENQ whiteboards.

The right A4 Colour multifunctional printer will allow staff to copy and print with no drop in quality and access advanced scanning features, so files are not lost to the business when normality returns.

An interactive whiteboard allows staff to access a presentation in the office with notes and annotation added and with the ability to share screens and print or store images. Well Connected has access to a limited number of laptops and screens if you need to upgrade the technology for your home offices.

Our Service Centre is ready to support you online

To support remote working, we have implemented several pre-emptive measures, including planning within our service centre and how this will help our customers when borders reopen.

Our online tech support will ensure that any printer breakdowns get immediate attention using our unique QR Code. As further restriction are likely we will restart our Technical Support through our unique QR Code system to diagnose faults remotely to reduce unnecessary contact which will keep us all safer. Any problems that require parts will have been diagnosed; as a result, this will keep scheduled visits to a minimum of time.

Additionally, our Toner Valet service will track toner and paper shortages. If you are running FM Audit, we can track and supply toner and paper to you before your copier is empty, saving you valuable downtime and the hassle of finding replacements.

With these services in place, we are ready to support your workforce.


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