Reduce your office’s Carbon Footprint with Print Releaf

My daughter is studying Environmental Science at UWA & when she mentioned that Well Connected wasn’t doing enough to become a “Sustainable Business” I realised maybe we should make more of an effort!

As a result, Well Connected has joined “Print Releaf” a program that turns every page printed into planted trees to reforest different areas of the world.

Our commitment is for 500,000 pages, so we are offering the first companies that reply below with your list of printers and your estimated monthly volumes free registration for 12 months, thereafter its only one tenth of a cent per page. Once these first half a million pages are allocated they are gone so be quick.

Please join us on this journey and together we can make a difference, for every 8,333 prints per month we plant a tree so we will be adding around 60 trees per month as our commitment… it doesn’t cost the earth but could just save it. 

As part of your registration your company can use the Print Releaf certified logo, showing your own customers that your company is commited to sustainable printing. To join us, simply click below and enter your details on our contact page, including your list of printers and estimated monthly print volumes, in the message box. We will then contact you and provide the Print Releaf package for your use.

Welcome to Print Releaf….you print it we plant it. Join Us Today!

Print Releaf creates a global sustainability standard by certifiably guaranteeing to relief the paper consumption of Print Releaf customers. Print Releaf is the only technology platform that measures customers paper usage and certifiably reforests that usage on an equivalent basis. The patented Print Releaf technology not only tracks paper consumption, but also monitors Print Releaf reforestation partners to ensure fulfilment. 
Market-leading companies with a passion for the environment and a progressive concern for advancing environmental stewardship, together with their customers, rely on Print Releaf to provide a nexus of partnerships involving forestry, technology, and business. 

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