Serverless Printing

Many IT Departments are embracing the benefits of Cloud-based print servers and improve

overall efficiency. Here are some of the advantages:

1. Cost Savings: Eliminating the need for expensive hardware, maintenance, and

infrastructure costs associated with on-premises servers.

2. Scalability: As they are subscription based, scale up and down as needs change.

3. Accessibility: Print from anywhere, who knows what events are ahead so cloud based

printers offffer both scalability and flexibility.

4, Reduced Maintenance: Reducing the burden on in-house IT teams as all

maintenance and patches are handled by the provider.

5. Enhanced Security: Offering advanced security features such as user authentication,

encryption, and secure print release options so your sensitive documents are


6. Centralized Management: Monitor all print activities in one location.

7. Integration and Compatibility: Implementation and management are simpler as

cloud based servers are compatible with most software solutions.

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