Tips for purchasing a new office printer!

Whether your existing office copier is no longer up to the challenge, it lacks the latest technology available in newer models, or your business has expanded and you need another device to accommodate your workflows, you’re in the market for a new copier. Regardless of the reason, adding a new device to your workplace is a good thing.

Upgrading to a newer copier will provide you with access to useful features that will improve the efficiency of your business processes, upgrade your document security, reduce downtime, and increase energy efficiency. However, the process of choosing a new copier can be challenging; balancing the number of options available and your office’s unique needs. But, fear not. Here are some things to consider that will help you make an educated choice so you’ll end up with a device that best suits your needs.

The first thing you should take into consideration when choosing an office copier is the amount of space at your disposal. Space is at a premium in many small- and medium-sized businesses, and some large multifunction printers (MFPs) can take up a significant amount of real estate. Identify the best location for your new copier, ideally where it is easily accessible for the employees that will be using it, and choose a device that won’t take up too much space or obstruct foot traffic.

When shopping for a copier, a major decision will be between a colour or monochrome (black and white) device. While in a perfect world, every office would love to have access to colour prints, every business has to pay attention to the bottom line. Colour copiers are more expensive than monochrome devices, as are their consumables, since colour machines require four cartridges (black, cyan, yellow, and magenta) while black and white use just black. So, unless you will be printing documents that will be distributed externally among clients or vendors, a monochrome copier will get the job done without breaking your budget.

Another decision you’ll have to make is whether to choose an inkjet or laser copier. Smaller businesses that don’t do large print jobs would be better served going with an inkjet device, which is designed to handle low print volumes and comes with a lower up-front cost. Inkjet copiers are capable of printing high-quality images and graphics while taking up little space in your office. Larger companies with high print volumes would benefit from laser copiers. These workhorses are capable of high-quality text at fast print speeds.

Finally, before settling on a new copier, something else you should consider is paper handling. If your office is going to do a significant amount of printing, you should opt for a device with a large paper capacity to eliminate frequent stocking of the paper trays. Constantly needing to add more paper to your device will slow down your workflows and frustrate your staff. And while you’re thinking of paper, consider the types of documents you’re going to print. If you only require standard 8.5” x 11” prints, an A4 copier will do; however, if you need to print larger documents, an A3 device that can handle paper up to 11” x 17” is preferable.

​​​​​​​Modern office copiers come with a variety of features, enabling you to narrow them down to the one that best suits your needs. While so many options can seem overwhelming, carefully considering your office space, your workflows, and the types of documents you intend to create will help you choose the one that’s just right for your office.

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