Why the right printer is essential for an agile workplace

Different working trends demand equipment and resources that can help support businesses as they transition from one way of working to another. One of the biggest, and fast-growing, trends of the moment is the agile work space or office.

When you think of agility you probably conjure images of super-flexible, Cirque du Soleil performers or Olympians, twisting, turning and manipulating their bodies in ways most of us can’t even fathom.

The agile workplace isn’t that different.

An agile office is one that can adapt, pivot and flex to keep up with different working environments and needs. Right now, changes brought by COVID-19 have demanded workplaces become more agile than ever before. Many of us are working within, or running, a business from a variety of locations, using BYO devices, and relying on new systems and processes we haven’t used before.

With many restrictions still in place, combined with some unexpected benefits of remote working at least part of the time, the agile office looks like it’s here to stay. For the longevity of businesses, it’s important to get our systems up to speed to support the new work environment and help our companies thrive.

One of the ways we can do that is ensuring we have the right printer that can help support staff, management, and the business as a whole, as we use our agility to move into the future.

 Let’s get digital

One of the many ways the right printer can help to support an agile office is by helping to digitise data.

Having all of your records and information collated digitally means it’s available (literally) at the touch of a button, which means an increase in speed of productivity.

Digitising data also means less storage (and reduced related costs), enhanced safety and security and less risk of lost or misplaced documents, and an all-over efficiency increase as data is more readily available at short notice.

Cloud tech enables print-from-anywhere capability

A key part of an agile workplace is supporting staff, no matter where they are, and that means giving them the ability to do every part of their job remotely.

The right printer, with cloud technology, gives your people the power to print from anywhere. A mobile workforce is not a short-term trend, but an established reality that requires access to virtual print resources in order to thrive.

Agility + Speed = Success

Outdated printers are notoriously slow, partly due to wear and tear, and partly because they cannot keep up with current business practices and the time expectations we place on technology.

In one survey 30 per cent of people said that the speed of the printer was a deciding factor when making a new purchase – and it should be.

The faster your print system can respond to demands, the more efficient and profitable your overall business, with research showing a potential saving of almost one third of operational costs, thanks to an established management print system.

Enhance your security and protect your business

Printers with built-in security functions are an essential part of any business strategy.

The ability to store data – including business, customer, and employee information – makes printers vulnerable to cyberattacks and hacking. One survey reported that 63 per cent of companies had suffered at least one printer-related security breach.

While older style units aren’t as sophisticated, newer models have similar security settings to many other tech devices, such as phones and laptops, and are able to regularly update security upgrades automatically. They also offer added security measures such as access codes and encryption capability, meaning less risk of information getting into the wrong hands.

Support from a print partner

The right printer will come with the right print partner, meaning whenever you need support or advice, the right person is on hand, quickly, to help.

Before you decide which print system is right for you and your agile business, find out how much support the vendor offers and if that commitment to service meets your operational needs.

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