How can a Print Management Plan benefit you?

The Old Ways

Capital Purchase

There’s never a good time to asl management to outlay capital expenditure on office printers, there are always more urgent requirements for the money, regardless of the age or condition of your old printer.


Traditionally the other alternative was Lease rental, so office equipment was leased over a 60 month period to reduce the monthly cost. This made no provision for the effective life of the equipment or for any increase in usage. Some purchased hardware outright, which built in no planned upgrade path; equipment was simply run into the ground before change was contemplated, leading to panic buying and poor choices.

The New Way

The Print Management Plan was introduced to link the machine’s life to its usage, and thereby facilitate upgrading when the machine’s throughput has increased beyond its capacity.

Easier to Budget

An all-up price per page expresses the total cost of usage inclusive of all consumables excluding paper (and staples if appropriate), and the total number of pages reflects the expected life of the equipment.
The added bonus is the more pages done by the printer earlier in the contract are at a much lower cost.

Built-In Flexibility

If the page count goes up, the time in your office comes down, and the unit is upgraded once it has achieved what both the supplier and the customer expected of it so no more tired old printers grinding away in the corner of the office costing a fortune to run.

Tax Deductable

The entire cost is tax deductible as a business expense, so the separate tracking of depreciation and interest payments is no longer required.


Print Management Plans offer built in flexibility to change the plan as your businesses circumstance increase (or decrease) you can easily add additional equipment, change the contracted pages and generally flex this to suit whatever changes are necessary in the future
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