Toner Valet

Printer management made simple – we deliver toner and paper replacements before you run-out

Automated Service

If your copier is running FM Audit, we can easily track and supply toner and paper to you before your copier is empty, saving you the time and hassle of finding replacements.

1. We offer free servicing of your machines that are connected to our FM Audit System.

2. We provide timely onsite service to your machines at no charge for the listed Printer/s on our FM Audit System.

3. We automatically advise you via email when your toners and paper are required and send them out immediately.

Eliminate expensive
express courier fees

Free priority on-site service
for toner valet customers

High quantities of
local stock

Full guarantee for all products 
and services

Toner Valet Service

  • Automated toner replacement
  • Free machine servicing